Appy Appy Nu Ear’s De & Nu Ear Tu Ol Me Frenz Ere End Felo Blohggerss!

P1020523I carry a feeling that this year is going to be beautiful, profound, unimaginably wondrous and even more paradigm-shattering than the recent ones that have gone by which will put us humans on the right trajectory towards Unity, Peace, Prosperity, Brotherhood, Service to Others, Transcendence and Transformation into a completely different Species – the One that we carry in Our Heart’s Image but that which the conditioned mind cannot comprehend….yet. I have never felt so excited for a New Year’s day (let alone a new year) before! The SOUL that is me is feeling it and feeling quite excited, hopeful and in anticipation of something Grand.

My friends, brothers and sisters, let’s SOAR – Share Our Abundant Resource!

❤ ❤ ❤

I completed a year into my blogging experience and I want to THANK YOU all for coming on-board, your comments, your likes and more importantly your Support & Love!


your love offering

Dear Friends, if my posts and what I share helps you in any way in your journey called Life to move closer to Love and bring you a smile/relief/insight/happiness, I am happy to receive any Love offering that your Heart would like to give.

When I started the blog, I didn’t think that I would ask for donation for the Love I’m sharing. However, I’m learning to open myself to receive assistance and appreciation for whatever I do here on this blog which is out of Love for my fellow ‘Earthlings’ who are treading the path of Life with the only hope that my experiences and the insights I receive from my Higher Self will help someone in some way.

And also my current Life situation is asking me to ask and be open 🙂

If you are called to, you can send via PayPal at (choose the ‘Send to family and friend’ option). Any Love Shares will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. 💕


broken heart or blossoming flower

My Heart got broken into Pieces
And I thought I lost all my Wishes

A Voice within said don’t Despair
It is just a way to Repair

All the hurts, aches and pains that were Inside
In my Heart where they Reside

Broken pieces they not Were
But petals of a blossoming Flower

Opening up to the Shining Sun Rays
I’ve now learnt Life helps you grow in various Ways

Now with this Wisdom, I feel Free and Light
I think the Voice was Right

Not carrying anymore the baggage of my Past
I feel as if my Being got Vast


let’s fly

bbc weather update: from 11am today until 2100ish and from 10am tomorrow until 1800ish, have your superman suit on. it’s the one with undie on top in case you’ve not used it since long. perfect weather conditions. no need to even raise your arms, you will be uplifted. make sure you’ve your night vision cameras if flying today or your brolley if tomorrow!

source: inner child


joys of chores

inner child speaks “there are fewer more important tasks in life than loading a dishwasher, putting clothes out to dry, vacuuming the house. and such mission critical jobs need careful planning and a bit of a brainstorming. during one such very interesting and life enriching task of putting the shower curtain and bathroom mats out on the cloth liner to dry, i was told by she-kid, with greater emphasis, that we should always wash the curtain whenever we do the mats. ok. some very life-changing decisions are being made this very moment. this will have some serious and major repercussions on the entire existence of this Universe. be prepared, you’ve been warned! amen”