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I sense the energies are quite potent at the moment. Divine Feminine is roaring I guess. Tsunami of Love, as some has called it, must be in fifth gear. I’m not sleeping as much as I used to, but the energies are relentless and I guess it wants me to create, create, create and then some more. For now, that may mean writing for this blog. So be it!!

PS. anyone out there feeling the same?!?


so what on Earth is happening? part 1

You may be asking this question to yourself and your family or friends in order find out the Truth behind the events – playing out on the world stage at large but also in your life! Perhaps you are finding it hard to cope with your life or your relationships or jobs or the world that we live in. It may seem that things are falling apart and nothing seem to be working. You may be reading or watching news in order find out what’s going on (for Christ sake!) and you only seem to hear and see more news about violence, terrorism, economies not doing well and more doom and gloom!

“For Christ sake” is literally what’s happening Here and Now in our world, on our planet, in our galaxy and in this universe!

What we are experiencing is the famous “Return Of The Christ”. I’m not sure if Jesus will really be coming back (and if he is, I’m going to open my heart and arms to him – hello mate!), but what I sense and feel (and from what I read and understood) is its more like the awakening of Christed energy in us humans. We are definitely seeing the return of Christ Consciousness and the values that it brings namely Love, Compassion, Peace and the likes. We may get on our autopilot mode and make automatic connection of Christ with the Christian religion. However, Christ Consciousness is NOT denominational and is NOT limited to a particular sect.

Or you may want to call it Krishna Consciousness; whatever the name – it doesn’t matter. The foundation is the same – Love. Love, not only as in the romantic love between couples but also embodiment of Love as a vibration wherein you are in unconditional Love with a friend and a foe alike!

Also, we are experiencing the activation of the dormant Divine Feminine in us, individually and collectively. And with this activation, we are being brought into balance. We all have both the masculine and feminine aspect in us regardless of our gender. What Hindus call Shiv-Shakti. But for eons, the feminine energy was suppressed in us and on this planet by those who wanted to control us. The male ego was more a dominant force in our existence up until our recent past. And the result was greed, control, power by dominating over others, competitiveness, inequality, oppression.

And to get things into balance, all those values that are detrimental, even harmful, to our evolution, have to be released. The old ways of surviving aren’t working. The old has to give way for the new. Like my spiritual teacher Shri Bhagavan says “There is always disorder before there’s even a greater order”.

And this disorder is what’s happening currently in our individual lives and globally. Because the Divine Feminine is more Heart-based and right-brained(?) and therefore Creative energy/aspect of our consciousness, at an individual level, all that is not in alignment with our Heart and all that no longer resonate with us (at the Soul level) is ” leaving” our space. And this could be our jobs that we no longer resonate with, any relationships where there’s no equal exchange of energy or where there’s imbalance, our belief systems which weren’t ours to start with but which we adopted from our parents (who adopted them from their parents!) and society. Everything is right now coming up for us to either set right or release.

My favourite saying is “Unless you see the dust, you cannot wipe it clean” by thewelldressedyogi 😉 

So see what’s NOT working in your life and take some action about it. Because, sooner or later, you will be “made” to make the required changes – not by some external entity but by your own Heart \ Soul \ Higher Self \ Inner Divine \ Your Antaryamin – the In-dweller \ Father-Mother God Spark or whatever name you want to give it! And NO, not in an act of punishment, but because He\She loves you and know you more intimately than you currently know yourself and wants you to fulfill your desires and live your soul purpose, your mission for being here on Earth at this time.

Remember, its not BAU (Business As Usual) anymore!  Time to faff around and trying to get answers from external source is indeed over! Time to see Life in an isolated, fragmented way is over. A more Holistic approach is required; more inside out approach where you go within to release what’s not working and see the positive outcome of those changes without!

We TRULY are in unprecedented times where we, collectively, are given the opportunity to rise above the old and mundane and ascend into higher vibrations and dimensions, which, before this time, was only achievable after leaving our physical body on this earthly plane. It IS going to happen whether you believe it or not – the question is will you participate actively and reclaim your Creator Self or will you watch as a bystander!

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