meditation – aligning with I AM presence

This post is an invitation to a meditation event and an introduction to two beautiful souls over at (TWOT) who I’ve recently got to ‘know’. I wanted to write about TWOT since quite some time but I guess it was meant to be now.

Few months that I’ve spent on the website, I’ve seen huge difference in my spiritual growth and awareness. Few transmissions I’ve received, at times simply by the way of exchanging comments on posts with the site owners, were quite palpable (understatement!) and the energies over there are quite conducive to one’s spiritual quest.

The site is an initiative by Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan (I affectionately call him Brother Ibrahim) and his loving wife who goes by the name (I reckon it’s pseudonym) Blue Flare to:

Our mission in this website is to spread love and peace, and connect brothers to each other. We also seek to increase the level of human consciousness by tapping into many special sciences that were once exclusive to a very limited of number of people. Through this website we shall also answer many questions which have puzzled the minds of multitudes for generations… and have never received real answers. We shall follow the path of improvement step by step until we reach the true path of illumination; through serious research and deep contemplation of many subjects such as: Human consciousness, Spirituality, The Other Worlds, Meditation, Secrets and Facts, Ancient Civilizations, Vital Energy, Year 2012 … Our aim through this project is to prepare future generations by elevating our conscious bodies. This is vital because by doing so we synchronize with the level of cosmic consciousness and so become prepared for the seventh and final level of the earth (the Golden Age) which is only a few years away; beginning at the year 2012…

We are well past 2012 (and the hype that surrounded it). 2012 was an opening of the door if you like. Currently we are, if I’m sensing it correctly, on the verge of going over the threshold into the New Age \ Golden Age \ Freedom Age \ ‘call it whatever’ Age. And huge, huge changes are upon us – in the physical and the non.

I’ve said it before, here in one of the posts, that where we are going I don’t think we would need any more gurus or masters (to bow down to) as we will be having our very own connection to the Source of All That Is and we ourselves are on the way of becoming our own Masters if you will. So, gurus? Maybe not. Helpers? Maybe.

And from my interactions (and experiences) with Brother Ibrahim I can certainly say that he is happy to be a helper and supporter of our own journey (whatever form it takes). To have someone who knows how things work (and how things are in Higher Realms), who can guide us to evolve spiritually, help us reinstate our connection with our Source and direct us on our own path to attain enlightenment is always a plus, especially if you’re serious about your spiritual journey!

Here’s something about him:

A famous phrase, which is always uttered by the enlightened master, is “You must learn where you come from, and to where you shall go? Only then would you know your purpose here on this earth.”

This man’s soul may not belong to this earth, as much as it belongs to the world from which it had originated; Ever since he was a child, he always sees issues from a different perspective, as if he sees with eyes or hears with ears that are different from ours…

He has gone through many spiritual trials, and has dedicated himself to helping people, and has led them to the path of truth, from an early age; His recurring prayer is for all of us, to awaken the true meanings within ourselves, by strengthening our subconscious bodies, in order for peace and love to roam the earth.

He often tries to refresh our memories to the truth of our existence, and how to deal with ourselves, from the inside through our subconscious bodies.

He sees that we are living in a small dream, which we shall eventually wake up from, to enter into the world of truth, but only if our inner awareness increases, and we reach the road to enlightenment.

He sees that the truth is not a word that is said, or explained; rather, it is a world that is ever in pure ascendance, and no one shall realize its nature, until one reaches true enlightenment.

His message is to call on people to love &be peaceful, to act as one, and to make sure that they keep working on ways to increase their inner awareness, so that we may be able to connect with cosmic awareness, and see the truth from a broader perspective.

So dear friends, I would like to invite all who are interested in expanding your consciousness to take part in a group meditation on Saturday 4th July at 1400 BST over at TWOT. 

Through this meditation we will spread a huge energy for the heart chakras to all who will participate in this meditation, in order to strengthen your connection with your higher self and as a protection from any negative attack

Again, to me, the energies over at TWOT are quite amazing. And I’m anticipating the meditation to be amazing as well (purely based on my past experiences).    

Why don’t you find it for yourself? Join us if you are called to. Head over to get more details on what it entails at

Much Love 💞

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Friday 3 July 2015: an update to this post. Brother Ibrahim’s comment on the above link today:

Dear precious brothers & sisters;

I greet you from the bottom of my heart…We are living now a beautiful moment through our inner journey, and we’ve sent our invitation for our brothers to participate in this meditation,, and a great number of precious spiritual beings  had accepted our invitation from

-Natural ascension group “spiritual & physical “ ..-Angelic realms -Gods & Goddess from Godhood -Ascended Masters from the Spiritual Hierarchy -Different kind of races from Sirian, Pleiadian,  Arcturians , Andromedans and others -And even part of the dark beings who inter the Light lately; and this is the first activation for them through the light state in this meditation…

All of them will send huge energies to all through this meditation..

also ; We’ve prepared [ Me & Saint German ] a special dance ,, we will do this dance at the time of the meditation,, and through  this dance  we will merge our Violet Flame, and we will send it to all,, and there is a lots of gifts to all  participants, as they  will receive it in that ceremony ..

And yes, this meditation becomes a ceremony …!!



i know nothing

Energies are building up as Equinox is almost here. They say that Equinoxes and Solstices are major portals for deep transformation. And I can only agree with that. And with new energies come new perspectives, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things and new wisdom and realisations.

One such realisation dawned onto me as I went through a spiritual experience today that literally made me laugh and laugh:

“There’s joy and relief in knowing that you don’t know anything”

This might sound absurd. But let’s think about it. How much of the knowledge that we have about ourselves in our life is through our direct experience. And when I say ourselves I don’t mean our human selves and knowing our personalities. It’s a deeper knowledge that is being referred here.

How much do we know of ourselves as a soul and a spiritual being? How much of a direct experience do we have, of ourselves, as something bigger than this human body? And how much of the knowledge is our OWN through our own personal experience?

I see a common phrase being spoken by many in the New Age spiritual movement that goes something like this “we are not human beings living a spiritual life, but spiritual beings having a human experience”

Yes, I agree and I’d like to imagine myself as such. Yes, I do see myself as spiritual. Yes, because of the transformation that I have gone through and going through, I don’t relate to many of the things that I, as a human, used to say, do or like. So there must be more to it than meets the eye.

However, I haven’t reached that knowing myself that I’m an expansive ball of energy, yet. It is NOT my experience and I can’t (and don’t want to) fake it by chanting “I am a spiritual being having a human experience!!!” I want that “there must be more” to become “there is more” 

So the question is is this our own personal experience? Or is it, like many other beliefs and paradigms, passed down from generations or handed to us by an author or spiritual teacher or a friend or whoever?

We read or hear something that sounds good, that we deem as wise words and that we resonate with. And we start utilising that which we have read or heard in our daily lives. We begin to incorporate the knowledge and begin thinking of us as higher spiritual beings.

But “thinking” is not “experiencing”, is it? Experience is something beyond the thoughts.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t think of us as higher beings. I am not saying that wisdom from others doesn’t help us. It has helped me. Though I haven’t read many books in my life so far, I have heed the teachings and words of my spiritual teacher and others.

However, I do say that those words and teachings were only pointers. They weren’t my Truth. And I also say that unless we come to a certain higher conclusion about ourselves via our own “epiphany“, that thinking that we do shouldn’t be taken as our Truth. In a way, we “borrowed” that knowledge from a book or a person, so to speak!

Time to give it back to the “owner” and unlearn what we have learnt. And know that we know nothing!!

And yes, don’t take my word for it. Let it be your Truth 😉