let’s get naked 3

Three parts into this and we are still hell bent on stripping ourselves bare!?! Yep! This and this will tell you why. I suggest you read from the first part.

So as we can see, we can apply the same practice to any emotional discordance that we might be having, anything that we might be struggling with. It could be past hurts, painful memories, betrayal, resentment, dogs in the sky, birds in the water, fishes on the street, you name it!

The amazing thing is once we have experienced that which we need to for enough time or sat with it frequently enough or experienced it to the maximum degree \ intensity, it won’t carry enough charge. We still might get a thought related to the entity, but it won’t bother us. It will be a passing thought just like a passing cloud in a beautiful blue sky.

And the parameters (enough time, frequently enough, up to the required intensity) varies from person to person and how much heavy the charge is.

And as strange as it may sound, the wounds are healed and forgiveness happens – forgiving others but most importantly, ourselves. Keyword here is ‘happens‘; we don’t try to forgive by thinking our way through it or justifying our hurt and the reason for it but forgiveness very naturally and automatically happens.

Don’t worry, we won’t attract, via the famous Law of Attraction, more of such feelings in our life like the one we are experiencing during a meditation session. I don’t think LoA works like that. At least I have not attracted more of that which I was\am sitting with. Instead, I’ve shed many pounds off my emotional body and boy, it looks sexy!

Let’s face it: if we don’t confront and experience it, it is STILL there in our system, in our subconscious. And as we all know, our subconscious is million times more powerful than our conscious mind (a bit of exaggeration maybe) and it almost always wins. What are the results of it winning? We let those subconscious programming and beliefs to govern our lives and attract more of what we don’t want.

And that is why I am NOT a big fan of positive affirmations. Especially when we are just beginning on our spiritual path. To me, it seems so unreal, untrue, fake!

Here in my inner world, I’m carrying a hurt “my parents have wronged me” or a belief based in fear “I will not be successful” and out there, I’m barking “I am full of love for everyone” or “I am Tom Cruise” like a mad dog!! My subconscious is not going to believe the hogwash.

We need to start from where we are, not where we want to be!

OK, some might say positive affirmations help rewire the neural paths in our brains or whatever. However, to me that seems like it is going to take a LOT of convincing and cajoling on my part to my demons within. I’d rather calm them down by giving them space to do Zumba and then use positive affirmations once I’m empty of my garbage and baggage.

I’m not completely against affirmations. However, I’ve my own timeline as to when I can let them enter my world. That’s just me. For some, it might not be the case; they are effortlessly able to land in Honolulu the very next day they affirm “I’m in Bali” 😜

So, by sitting and letting that which has been suppressed, for lifetimes after lifetimes, out we are giving it a voice, an outlet to be released. We have been taught since our childhood by our parents, teachers, society not to express our so called ‘negative’ emotions and how should we behave and what should we be doing. Not any fault of their own. They were none the wiser.

Oh mate, I so hate this word ‘should’. We should not do this, should not say that, should not cry, should not be angry, should not ride a crocodile, should not kiss a kangaroo!

Once we start going deeper, we will see that there is nothing like positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong. And that’s what we have to learn – to master. To accept and most most most importantly love all aspects of ourselves – all polarities.

And we can only love an aspect of ourselves if we are aware of it.

“You can only wipe the dust off something if you can see it.”  TWDY

One most important block whilst we sit for any type of meditation is our mind trying to distract us. It most definitely will start throwing myriads of thoughts at us. Or we will be reminded to make an important call. Or it will try to rationalise that the person who hurt us was not actually intending to.

Sure enough. The person didn’t mean us harm. But we are NOT that person. Our truth is we are hurt. Period. We acknowledge it and start our healing process. What, why, how, when of the other person is their business, not ours. Simple as that.

The mind doesn’t want us to experience anything because it’s survival is under threat!  It’s a master deceiver! It will want us to quit and move from the present moment in countless ways! That’s just the way the mind is.

Here mindfulness can be useful in that just acknowledge the thought from the ego mind and get back to our experiencing the feeling as quickly as possible. The only way is to persevere.

Persevere and give yourself the freedom to feel and express and strip the layers off of you. Believe me, once you have mastered this, you will only smile at things that used to piss you off. And you will be in a lot more happier space. True Happiness.

So then, the question is are you ready to get naked?


how’s it going, mate? 1/2

 1506478_10152930430623623_2773564196774137518_nMy yesterday’s status update on how I’m sensing the energies to be right now, also made me think to write on what can we expect from this Ascension process because some may not necessarily feel the same way. I’m not a psychic or any expert. You might want to check this just in case! What I’m sharing is how it has played out for me up until now. Maybe it will help someone.

Remember we are all different. Even though the underlying purpose is for us to get into a space of more (permanent) unconditional Love, the route and time each of us will take will be varying in some degrees. Like i said, you may be feeling exactly the opposite to what I’m feeling. Or you may NOT even feel a thing. And that’s OK. When the time is right for YOU and when YOU are ready, your awakening process will kick in. And it may not even be in your soul plan to awake this lifetime around. Again, it’s perfect!

You may think this is all hogwash. But let me tell you it’s NOT. Well, at least NOT for me. What they say? You know that saying…aah…The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Yep, that’s it!

Right! So what kind of “symptoms” and what could the possible reasons be: 

1) There may be a deeper sense of sadness and sorrow without any reason. We may not see the reason and may judge ourselves as being depressed. I reckon there’s a reason for this and it may be our longing to be united with our Source, which we have been carrying lifetime after lifetime after staying separated from Him\Her, and is particularly intense right now – thanks to the Shift!

This sense of sadness may be a sign from our Higher Self who wants our attention and wants us to embark upon our journey to be One with Source – back to our Home!

The feeling of sorrow manifested for me as a kind of sick feeling of being on this planet. I had days when I literally wanted to leave everything behind and go away and get lost in some forest or unknown land!! And no, I’m not writing this from Amazon or Antarctica in case you were wondering. I doubt they have a WiFi – wait, let me check: Oi Tarzan, mate….

2) Crying and being angry, frustrated, irritated for some inexplicable reasons.

© Jose Antonio Tovar

© Jose Antonio Tovar

And no, my male friends, crying isn’t a sign of weakness unlike we have been programmed to believe. So yes, you can cry, you are allowed to, it IS your birthright – perhaps that’s the first thing you would’ve done at your birth anyway 😉

Now, the reason for this random bursts of ‘unsocial’ emotions could be the release of old, ancient memories of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual injury and trauma we may have had endured however those might have had manifested in our previous lives and current one.

Because of the amnesia we are in, we remember neither the past lives nor the painful incidents. As the Light that is coming in releases these stuck energies, we may feel certain emotions and we think we are going bonkers or insane. Well, may not necessarily be so!

There were days (and still are, but now, few and far between) when I used to burst into tears and crying my guts out (is there such saying?!) And I always used to feel better afterwards. I find it quite refreshing to be honest. I may even start a Crying Club – there are way too many Laughter Clubs around!!!

3) A feeling of lethargy and downright laziness. A sense of not wanting to do anything at all. Sometimes we may want to sleep, sleep and sleep.


We are told our cellular structure is changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based in order for us to embody more Light and ready us for our transition into higher dimensions. (a) (b)

Remember, we are ascending this time by staying in our bodies.(c) And because in our known history, we haven’t had experienced such vibrations before (whilst still being alive), these frequencies are new for our body and might be the cause of tiredness.

It could also be because we are expending so much energy by releasing what needs to go (consciously in our wakeful moments and perhaps subconsciously in our sleep state)

And some of us may also be clearing and purging for the collective (Thank you God!!) which adds an extra layer of pressure – which always helps….NOT!

But the good news is that it may become slightly easier for those who would be “waking up” sooner because they will not have as much muck to clean!

4) Weird dreams. Dreams have taken a whole new form for me especially since last few years. Dream activity has gone through the roof. Another reason for exhaustion!

I have dreamt some very delicious, beautiful dreams, but also, nightmares like (but not limited to) getting in some serious confrontation with near and dear ones. Again, this might be the subconscious (unconscious?) being cleared of the hurts and injuries we carry.

5) Body wanting to eat more healthy. We may find ourselves looking and checking health and nutrition related websites. I remember I stumbled upon few websites which were talking about what we should be eating and why. I can’t remember taking a conscious decision that I want to change my eating habits. Nevertheless my Higher Self had better plans for me. And so here I was, checking information on nutrition, fitness, organic food and the likes.

178588_10151113911458623_1283817035_oMy wife and I started eating organic food as much as we possibly can. Also, we were finding it difficult to consume heavy (Indian) meals that we were used to eating since childhood. So, in essence, we are becoming lighter, not only vibrationally, but physically too. It’s like ‘like attracts like’ – Light attracts light.

Foods that are dense makes it a wee bit more challenging for us to assimilate Light. Our body has an intelligence of it’s own. It’s not merely a lump of flesh, bones and muscles! It knows what’s best for itself. And that very intelligence ‘puts’ us on a healthier path!

© wonderferret

© wonderferret

6) Another bodily sign is ‘more than usual’ (if there’s any such thing as usual when it comes to lack of health!) bouts of headaches, digestive disorders, backaches, muscular pain which have been common for me since couple of years. I’ve never had known what headache is in my life!

It’s not to say physical discomforts will be there 24/7. They may come and go along with the undulating energy. There are many websites that speak of the Ascension symptoms – some call it Ascensionitis! It might be a good idea to check and see if there’s anything on there that matches the way you feel. 

Hop onto …… for more

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