“you are not poor. Nobody is POOR, not even a beggar. What is lacking and absent is the perception of ABUNDANCE”   TWDY


hello friends, inner child here🚼

every now and then you are guided by the guys upstairs (well, he means stumble upon) (nah-nah-na-nana, don’t listen to the big boy – he will try to show his maturity by commenting in italics – i say to him “argo” – to understand what it means you need to watch the movie “argo” 😜) and you find some lovely toys 🎾⚽🏀 to play with that brings more fun in your life. the inner child has “found” some amazing toys in his kindergarten and would like to share them here:

  1. clean your soiled boots with your daddy (higher self meditation self clearing system) found this at http://www.ascensionhelp.com/higher-self-meditation.php; cameron day – what an amazing guy. don’t know him personally but after listening and reading to what he has produced, he gets a candy 🍭 from me – “only one though, i want the rest for myself” inner child is yelling

  2. free activations and meditations and what not at https://judysatori.com/free/ – what a blessing this beautiful lady judy satori is! she “channels” spirit and speaks in light language. the grownup boy’s logical brain couldn’t brush this one aside as hogwash in spite of what she “speaks” sounds funny, and you know what, inner child gets goosebumps, buzzing, tingling in crown chakra and pictures of chocolates 🍬 whilst listening to her audios. inner child sends her lots and lots of hugs and love 💖 and no, light language doesn’t mean she sits beside a lamp and keep turning the lights on and off while speaking!!

  3. free violet flame invocation at a lovely lady called troika’s site http://ascension-stgermain.com/violetflame-article.html – there’s also a mp3 available to download for free – she was born “awake” (inner child wonders if she ever sleeps..heehee). last year inner child purchased a box full of toys from her which has something to do with making the wheels of your cycle to move faster 🚲 (what!!!!) (he means activating your chakras to vibrate at a higher 5D frequency.😎) and also one that allows you to switch on the light bulb in your brain 💡 (you must be joking!!!) (read that as activating your pineal gland 😭), one that gives you more chocolates, ice creams and brownies 🍦🍫🍰 (and you thought it must be fun living with this kid!! he means violet flame transmission for abundance) 💷💷💷 amongst many things. inner child sends her loads and loads of gratitude and yes, some herbs so she can rest and sleep a little while 💤

  4. this next toy comes courtesy a famous man called tom kenyon who sets you right by talking to you 🔊 (sound healer!) head off here http://tomkenyon.com/listening to pluck from the tree (download!!) as many fruits as you like. inner child enjoys “the elevatron” “hatharion stream of light” and “the inner sun sound meditation” in particular which helps him stay sane in this game called ass-ension (oops sorry he means ascension! lord help me!!)

  5. last but never the least, that which comes from the horse’s mouth 🎠- watching fireworks 🎆 (receiving embedded energies) and the ‘set you right’ lightsaber 🔦(healing rays!!) like pumpkin ray, rainbow ray, oceanic ray (these are actual names btw; he didn’t make them up – thank god!!) in jack’s initial messages at http://jeanrockefeller.com/blog/

  6. hang on, one more. musical rapture. no, seriously. here’s what it says at http://www.eraofpeace.org/musical-rapture-mp3

The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced.”

try the toys yourself if you like and yes, don’t listen to the big boy – he’s lost it – unless he writes “it is actually fun and amazing living with this kid” which he did, so he too gets kisses  😘😘😘

let your inner child play and have fun 👬👭


get out of my way

I don’t know why but this is asking to be shared so here goes. Thanks to my Inner Source, few days back, I was “given” these declarations and was guided to say them out loud; it seems to have helped when I’m feeling out of sorts. Most times, it’s us who come in our own way so this is like we are giving ourselves a thumbs up!

I have complete dominion over myself

I give myself full permission to be myself

I give myself full permission to reclaim and stand in my Personal Power

I give myself full permission to be loving, to be loved and to be Love

I give myself full permission to receive abundance in all it’s various forms

I give myself full permission to be prosperous

I give myself full permission to be open and receptive to wealth and money

I give myself full permission to be healthy

I give myself full permission to relax and let go of all that doesn’t serve me

I give myself full permission to reclaim my Abundant, Loving, Light Being

I give myself full permission to be playful, happy and joyous

I give myself full permission to be my Inner Child

I give myself full permission to be in the NOW moment every moment

So Be It and So It Is

Tathastu, Tathastu, Tathastu¹

Much Love to All 

¹ Tathastu is a Sanskrit word which means “So be it”. Pronunciation –  ta(soft t) – th( from thank) – a( from argument) – stoo The guy over here from where I got the pronunciation has done a decent job by also putting an audio of the pronunciation if anyone’s interested


ted murray

I always, well almost always, resonate with what Ted Murray has to say. And this one in particular strikes the chord. Thanks Ted for reminding that there’s no set definition of a life path!

“How can you contribute the most to the awakening of the world? Do you have to become famous and be able to be an inspiration for millions? Can you remain in the shadows and impact only through your connection to source and bringing light into the world? Is direct service to help other human beings the best path? Do you need to commit to a cause that is dedicated to solving one of the major issues facing the world? Should you be a healer who directly affects the physical and emotional health of others?

Actually all of these can be legitimate paths. Each individual is unique and has their own way of contributing their gifts to the world. Instead of looking at what others are doing and potentially being intimidated or even jealous, look deeply into your heart. Recognize your unique gifts and your unique passion. Then see in what way your talents can be of benefit to others. Once you start on your ideal path, even if it is with very small initial steps, the universe will see your commitment and begin to provide the connections and miracles that will assist you in your journey to make this lifetime one of growth, inspiration and abundance.” –Ted Murray

Source: Humanity’s Team Daily Inspirational Message