beware of the low vibes!!

Wisdom often comes through/in challenging circumstances. I am in the middle of such a seemingly ‘difficult’ situation in my Life right now. I say seemingly because something can only be as difficult as our perception makes us believe it to be.

And as always I sit within my inner sanctuary to get some guidance and insight. This particular situation was bringing up lot of fear, anxiety, worry and stress. So when I sat and as I interacted with anxiety, wishing I be done with it, what I got back was truly astounding: ‘Love me. I’m here to do this journey with you and evolve. I cannot do this without you and so I’m in your space. Please help me!

Of course I didn’t hear it ‘speak’ but the feeling carried a meaning along those lines. Tears of Compassion rolled out as I was hit by this. I was no longer resisting their presence. I was no longer wishing that I move on from this. Instead, I was happy to allow them to be in ‘my’ space. There was a mutually agreed upon service going on here.

By making me aware of their presence, they were giving me the experience of lower density realms and being of service to my evolution. By me allowing and loving them, I was helping them evolve too and so be of service to them.

Life is a spiral of deeper truthsI get confronted by this particular issue from time to time. I always wonder why I still get bombarded by such ‘oh so low vibrations’ despite having worked on the issue in the past and transmuting them and loving them!! However, it’s the case of ‘peeling the onion layers’, isn’t it?

And also, it’s the case of revisiting the issue so you can get deeper wisdom and insights (like this image so aptly says!) and the experience that I am sharing shows.

We came here on this planet and we think we ‘suffer’ a lot by going through various experiences. And we think we have to clear ourselves off of all ‘negative’ vibrations. Those who are consciously working on themselves think they have to heal themselves by getting rid of these low energy/vibrations/frequencies/emotions/feelings as quickly as possible so that they can be in a more peaceful state. Those who are not so spiritually inclined ignore it deeming it unworthy of any attention lest they might ‘attract’ like feelings and will be in a perpetual loop!

I’m convinced (through this direct experience/epiphany) that we came here with a blank slate if you will and INTENTIONALLY took on these low frequencies (fear/anger/hatred/worry/stress/you name it) onto us. Rather, they kind of hitchhiked (or is the word piggybacked?) on us (of course through our permission).

Why? Because they want to occupy the same space of consciousness (i.e. our physical and energy body) as our POWERFUL BEING does so that they get a chance to evolve into their higher frequency selves. We help them do this by the very act of being aware of them, welcoming them, staying with them and providing them Love as long as they need, as much as they need.

Pushing an emotion or feeling away won’t help. It’s like pushing a child who’s wanting Love away – that will only want it to cry, shout and seek attention.

Remember, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and ENERGY SIMPLY CHANGES STATE. It cannot be ‘cleared’ (read removed) out of our field!

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Albert Einstein


So now, with our help and us as conduit, fear can evolve into Love. Poverty/lack consciousness can advance into Abundance or Wealth Consciousness. Worry/stress can evolve into Peace and continue it’s journey into 5D and so on.

We are powerful Beings capable of loving everything. The choice is always ours if we want to Love these dense energies or resist them and be fearful of them. However, it’s only a matter of REMEMBERING that it’s the former that we came here to do, especially NOW in this birth. And now with the shift in consciousness that’s happening, it becomes easier to do it.

So let’s have COMPASSION for that ‘low vibe’ which is RELYING on US for it’s EVOLUTION when it knocks on our Heart’s door next time.

As my Higher Self TWDY says

There is fear and then there’s fear of fear. The latter one in my opinion is more dangerous!


PS. I love Matt Kahn‘s way of saying ‘I Love You’ to whatever arises.


to dream or not to dream

Nicole Pierce – dreams and wishes –

In a meditation today, I was ‘told’ something about dreams and desires which I would like to share. My Heart completely gets it. The logical mind is struggling to put it in words. I hope what I write will make sense.

We all have dreams. We all have desires. We are always in a quest to find ways to fulfil our dreams and desires – small or BIG. We plan things in our life so that we can bring our dreams and desires about.

We pray, we visualise, we say affirmations out loud, we do ‘manifestation meditations’, we do vision boards, we stick post-it notes on every available space in our house (and workplace too! Perhaps the only place left is our family members’ faces – i know, a bit of exaggeration), we hang ourselves upside down (maybe not), we scream, we shout, we cry, we try to feel in our bones skin muscles how it feels when our dreams come true, we try to stay positive, we falter, we doubt, we beat ourselves for wavering, we gather ourselves, we become desperate, we try to surrender to Higher Power (if we believe in one – if not, we may try to believe in a Greater Force just to fulfil our desire to eat an ice-cream), we stay the course!

In short (really? after so many words?) we do whichever trick our minds can think of so that our desires can be fulfilled, our dreams can come true.

Now, let’s pause for a second and step away from all or some of the above mentioned mental and physical activities that we put ourselves through. And think ‘What if the very reason I conceived a particular desire or dream is because the Universe knows I am capable of bringing this about!?! And no matter what I do or not do, the dream WILL BE realised’

Let’s take it a bit deeper and ask ourselves:

  • What if the only reason I am having this desire is because the fruition of it is already waiting for me up ahead?
  • What if my Higher Self gave me a thought for a particular desire, however BIG or small, which is in alignment with my Higher Purpose and It (my Higher Self) has not only devised a Plan for me to get there, but also already formulated a Guaranteed Success?
  • What if the realisation and success of a dream was also ‘installed’ (for the lack of a better word) in our own personal World/Life/Universe/Consciousness at the exact moment of it’s conception?
  • What if I got a desire because my Future Self is already basking in the fulfilment of it?
Hound Tor, Dartmoor

Hound Tor, Dartmoor

The analogy that I’d like to use is I like travelling. I want to go and see the Tors in Dartmoor in west country Devon (one of my favourite places btw). Tors must come into my awareness first for me to like them and have a wish to go see them. Most importantly, they HAVE TO already exist in the first place to come into my awareness.

So the object (or subject?) of the desire is already present at the time of having a desire, if it makes sense!

The only thing that remains then for me is deciding when and how do I want to go, and which route I want to take. From the moment of the inception of the desire, I lead myself toward it.

I reckon, and this is indeed a supposition, call it ‘thinking out loud’, our bigger radical dreams of a grander nature are somewhat similar to our desires like in the analogy above.

My ‘get’ from the meditation is that a dream in it’s manifested state already exists in a ‘future’ timeline. And the dream is brought into our awareness. We like it and decide to walk the timeline.

Our Higher Self, our All Knowing Eternal Soul already sees the dream, which starts in the non-physical, manifested in the physical plane. It knows we are indeed going to make it. And the reason why It planted a Seed of a dream in our minds in the first place is because It has already seen the Fruit grow. And from the moment of that seeding, It has already started us on our journey towards it. Again if we say yes to it.

Chances are we will say yes because our Higher Self knows what’s best for us (provided we step out of our ego mind)!

However, because we so identify ourselves with this third dimensional physical reality, unless we see a tangible evidence within the time frame we have set for it to occur, we doubt if we will ever make it. We begin to worry if we hit a stumbling block. We wonder if the path we have taken is indeed the correct one. We are so attached to the outcome and with the ego mind’s control of how it should be and how it should look like, we are for most part focussed on the destination and forget to enjoy the journey. 

But if we start taking this new perspective onboard that the very reason a desire or a dream takes a form in our awareness is because it’s actualisation has taken a form too in ‘future’ space and time, then our journey would be much easier, much more joyful, much more relaxed and our eyes wouldn’t always be on the destination. We would start appreciating the journey.

My car may break down whilst travelling to the Tors. But I will get it repaired and continue my journey since I know regardless of what happens on my journey, the object of my desire is already there and I will make it in due course.

We may be aware of some of the incidents that happen in our life, some actions we take, people we meet that contributes toward our dream. Some seemingly adverse conditions – we would wish them away. However, those are part of the Plan too. Nothing is working against us. In fact, everything is helping us evolve and bringing us closer to our realised dream(s).

All the things that we do or not do. All the affirmations we say or not say, all the visualisations we do or not do, all the vision boards we make or not – it doesn’t matter. Doing all these will get us to our destination. Not doing them will also get us there. I suppose the only ingredient required is we believe we WILL realise it and that everything that is happening (and that which is seemingly not happening) is taking us closer to our desired place.

I must admit I too have worried and doubted the actualisation of a ‘crazy’ dream that I am carrying within since few years. But this morning’s epiphany has a startling effect on me. In fact I am even grateful that the dream hasn’t materialised as yet because during this ‘waiting’ period, I have gotten and will get (until it’s time for it to ripen) abundance of opportunities to refine my smaller desires within the larger context of my main dream; I get ample of chances to redefine my priorities whilst I am on my way towards my destination.

And last but not the least, I perhaps wouldn’t have had this ‘weird perspective’ had my dream already manifested. I haven’t read any book on the subject but I would like to believe that there’s some Truth in what was revealed to me.

Friends, I’d love to hear what is your view on these thoughts that I have thrown out in open! I am well aware that my Truth may or may not be yours; nevertheless it would be great to hear different perspectives.

Till then keep dreamin’ and believing that the nitty-gritty will be taken care of (or already has been 😉 )

Update – 15.8.15 – The more I think about this ‘epiphany’ I had, the more it seems there’s Truth in it. At the very moment of the inception of a desire or dream in us by our Higher Self, a ‘point of success’ is also created so that we can move towards it. Without point B, how would we know where we have to go from point A? We have the choice of taking different routes from point A and depending on our choice, it will take however long (or quick) it takes. But point B HAS TO exist before we set out on our journey and to reach there our Higher Self gives us instruction on an on-going basis as part of the plan – provided we are NOT too stuck with our ego mind to listen to and/or identify the instructions!

meditation – aligning with I AM presence

This post is an invitation to a meditation event and an introduction to two beautiful souls over at (TWOT) who I’ve recently got to ‘know’. I wanted to write about TWOT since quite some time but I guess it was meant to be now.

Few months that I’ve spent on the website, I’ve seen huge difference in my spiritual growth and awareness. Few transmissions I’ve received, at times simply by the way of exchanging comments on posts with the site owners, were quite palpable (understatement!) and the energies over there are quite conducive to one’s spiritual quest.

The site is an initiative by Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan (I affectionately call him Brother Ibrahim) and his loving wife who goes by the name (I reckon it’s pseudonym) Blue Flare to:

Our mission in this website is to spread love and peace, and connect brothers to each other. We also seek to increase the level of human consciousness by tapping into many special sciences that were once exclusive to a very limited of number of people. Through this website we shall also answer many questions which have puzzled the minds of multitudes for generations… and have never received real answers. We shall follow the path of improvement step by step until we reach the true path of illumination; through serious research and deep contemplation of many subjects such as: Human consciousness, Spirituality, The Other Worlds, Meditation, Secrets and Facts, Ancient Civilizations, Vital Energy, Year 2012 … Our aim through this project is to prepare future generations by elevating our conscious bodies. This is vital because by doing so we synchronize with the level of cosmic consciousness and so become prepared for the seventh and final level of the earth (the Golden Age) which is only a few years away; beginning at the year 2012…

We are well past 2012 (and the hype that surrounded it). 2012 was an opening of the door if you like. Currently we are, if I’m sensing it correctly, on the verge of going over the threshold into the New Age \ Golden Age \ Freedom Age \ ‘call it whatever’ Age. And huge, huge changes are upon us – in the physical and the non.

I’ve said it before, here in one of the posts, that where we are going I don’t think we would need any more gurus or masters (to bow down to) as we will be having our very own connection to the Source of All That Is and we ourselves are on the way of becoming our own Masters if you will. So, gurus? Maybe not. Helpers? Maybe.

And from my interactions (and experiences) with Brother Ibrahim I can certainly say that he is happy to be a helper and supporter of our own journey (whatever form it takes). To have someone who knows how things work (and how things are in Higher Realms), who can guide us to evolve spiritually, help us reinstate our connection with our Source and direct us on our own path to attain enlightenment is always a plus, especially if you’re serious about your spiritual journey!

Here’s something about him:

A famous phrase, which is always uttered by the enlightened master, is “You must learn where you come from, and to where you shall go? Only then would you know your purpose here on this earth.”

This man’s soul may not belong to this earth, as much as it belongs to the world from which it had originated; Ever since he was a child, he always sees issues from a different perspective, as if he sees with eyes or hears with ears that are different from ours…

He has gone through many spiritual trials, and has dedicated himself to helping people, and has led them to the path of truth, from an early age; His recurring prayer is for all of us, to awaken the true meanings within ourselves, by strengthening our subconscious bodies, in order for peace and love to roam the earth.

He often tries to refresh our memories to the truth of our existence, and how to deal with ourselves, from the inside through our subconscious bodies.

He sees that we are living in a small dream, which we shall eventually wake up from, to enter into the world of truth, but only if our inner awareness increases, and we reach the road to enlightenment.

He sees that the truth is not a word that is said, or explained; rather, it is a world that is ever in pure ascendance, and no one shall realize its nature, until one reaches true enlightenment.

His message is to call on people to love &be peaceful, to act as one, and to make sure that they keep working on ways to increase their inner awareness, so that we may be able to connect with cosmic awareness, and see the truth from a broader perspective.

So dear friends, I would like to invite all who are interested in expanding your consciousness to take part in a group meditation on Saturday 4th July at 1400 BST over at TWOT. 

Through this meditation we will spread a huge energy for the heart chakras to all who will participate in this meditation, in order to strengthen your connection with your higher self and as a protection from any negative attack

Again, to me, the energies over at TWOT are quite amazing. And I’m anticipating the meditation to be amazing as well (purely based on my past experiences).    

Why don’t you find it for yourself? Join us if you are called to. Head over to get more details on what it entails at

Much Love 💞

Source of all quoted text:

Friday 3 July 2015: an update to this post. Brother Ibrahim’s comment on the above link today:

Dear precious brothers & sisters;

I greet you from the bottom of my heart…We are living now a beautiful moment through our inner journey, and we’ve sent our invitation for our brothers to participate in this meditation,, and a great number of precious spiritual beings  had accepted our invitation from

-Natural ascension group “spiritual & physical “ ..-Angelic realms -Gods & Goddess from Godhood -Ascended Masters from the Spiritual Hierarchy -Different kind of races from Sirian, Pleiadian,  Arcturians , Andromedans and others -And even part of the dark beings who inter the Light lately; and this is the first activation for them through the light state in this meditation…

All of them will send huge energies to all through this meditation..

also ; We’ve prepared [ Me & Saint German ] a special dance ,, we will do this dance at the time of the meditation,, and through  this dance  we will merge our Violet Flame, and we will send it to all,, and there is a lots of gifts to all  participants, as they  will receive it in that ceremony ..

And yes, this meditation becomes a ceremony …!!


so what on Earth is happening? part 2

In Part 1, we saw what we may be experiencing in our lives and why we may be going through a certain chaos. This is all part of our mass awakening (with emphasis on “mass”) to our true Spiritual Self and to wake up to the Truth that we are not just humans, but actually spiritual beings having a human experience. And we are given an opportunity to ascend into higher dimensions.

Ascension! What Ascension?

Ascension, simply put, is our spiritual evolution and the rise in our consciousness.

We are currently on our way from third dimensional existence through fourth and  into fifth dimensional (and beyond) living. To reiterate, we do move into higher dimensions after our death. But what is unique this time is we will ascend whilst being in our physical body! (1)

In the book “We, The Arcturians” by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich, the Arcturians (advanced civilisation living in the Arcturus star system in the Boötes constellation) explains that the fourth dimension has been coming to Earth since the time of Jesus. He came to introduce the qualities of fourth dimensions which are the journey inward, the expression of Love and the act of Forgiveness. Once we master these qualities, we are ready to move onto the next level – the fifth dimension, where we learn how to manifest through thought – manifest things using the force of Love.

So I reckon, we are already “playing with” fourth dimension whenever i) we forgive someone, ii) we start our spiritual journey, we go inward, meditate and try to know ourselves more and most importantly, iii) we express our Love (for self and others.)

However, we may not be there yet as far as mastering it is concerned. Well, maybe some are, some aren’t (I’ll be honest, I’m not there yet, but getting close. I’ll share my journey in a separate post some time soon.)

So how do we master it?

By having a higher perspective that whatever is happening in our lives is for our own growth. And that we create our own reality and we are not victims or on receiving end! The challenges need to be seen as opportunities to further our spiritual growth. The people (the button pushers as I like to call them) come in our lives to show us what we need to acknowledge, accept, release and heal about ourselves. These are the ones who are our real teachers. And most often than not, we don’t have to venture too far out to ‘bump’ into them, as we will find them right besides us in our family as our parents, our siblings, our friends, our spouse, our colleagues.

We agreed with all of them, before we incarnated in this lifetime, to be the way they are so that we can be shown what’s there inside us, reconcile and love ourselves as we are which in turn leads to forgiveness of others and loving them unconditionally! But we get under an amnesiac veil and forget the real reason for them being in our lives. And we get busy in taking offense, getting hurt, blame game, retaliation, bitching and the lot!

OK! Got it! Is that all?

No, that’s just one part of the story. Its not only us humans who are being given the opportunity to grow our consciousness. Our beautiful planet is going through the same growth process.

Mother Earth is a living, breathing organism just like us and it has been raped and tortured for millennia for humanity’s own selfish pursuits. Just like someone who’s raped carries the wound and the trauma, Earth has carried the injuries for too long. And just like a person who’s been tortured (physically or emotionally), at one point cannot take it any longer and says “enough is enough”, Earth is right now doing just that. All the earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis and “never before experienced” erratic weather patterns are all the signs of Mother Earth releasing her wounds and stuck energy and healing herself completely. She has taken Her power back. And what is facilitating this is the Light that our Source been sending Her through our Galactic Central Sun. And as She rises in vibrations , everything that dwells on Her does too, as we can see from these messages:

“Many are assisting the human Ascension but I am to help humans realize that the animals are ascending as well.  It is imperative that humans realize that there are “Watchers” all over the Earth who are assisting in the Ascension for all of the Kingdoms of Creation; Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral” – Jack The Watcher (2)

“It is my delight to share with you a new shift which is occurring upon the Earth now and bringing forth tremendous light to support Mother Earth and humanity’s transitions into higher vibrations of light. The animal kingdom is currently moving through a major transition which they have consented to and are achieving as a service to the Earth.” – Archangel Sandalphon (3)

And this whole exercise, if I can call it that, is going to have a profound effect on our entire Universe. Unlike we have been led to believe, we aren’t alone in this whole wide Universe. There are civilisations living in different star systems in billions of different galaxies in our Universe!!

And these civilisations are watching us very closely as to how we go about this whole Ascension process because our success will have a knock on effect on other parts of the Universe. Everything will be upgraded a notch so to speak. As various Masters and other Light Beings have spoken. (4)

Not only are our star brothers and sisters watching us, but they are assisting us by sending us healing and loving energies; by communicating with us through different channels, showing up in their spacecrafts and working “behind the scenes!”

Our various space agencies have had been in communication with outer world civilisations for eons. It is kept hidden from us as part of the plan to keep us controlled (more on that in perhaps a future article).

However, some people are doing a brilliant job to bring this to light, like James Gilliland at Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( and Dr. Steven Greer at The Disclosure Project ( and

Not only that, but many people, like you and me, have had contacts with and visitations from various star beings as you can read about their experiences here: These stories can’t be faked!!

So in a nutshell, we, along with our planet and fellow beings, are evolving and are on our path to truly create a harmonious, loving, peaceful world. A true Heaven on Earth! Who’s going to join me? 😉





so what on Earth is happening? part 1

You may be asking this question to yourself and your family or friends in order find out the Truth behind the events – playing out on the world stage at large but also in your life! Perhaps you are finding it hard to cope with your life or your relationships or jobs or the world that we live in. It may seem that things are falling apart and nothing seem to be working. You may be reading or watching news in order find out what’s going on (for Christ sake!) and you only seem to hear and see more news about violence, terrorism, economies not doing well and more doom and gloom!

“For Christ sake” is literally what’s happening Here and Now in our world, on our planet, in our galaxy and in this universe!

What we are experiencing is the famous “Return Of The Christ”. I’m not sure if Jesus will really be coming back (and if he is, I’m going to open my heart and arms to him – hello mate!), but what I sense and feel (and from what I read and understood) is its more like the awakening of Christed energy in us humans. We are definitely seeing the return of Christ Consciousness and the values that it brings namely Love, Compassion, Peace and the likes. We may get on our autopilot mode and make automatic connection of Christ with the Christian religion. However, Christ Consciousness is NOT denominational and is NOT limited to a particular sect.

Or you may want to call it Krishna Consciousness; whatever the name – it doesn’t matter. The foundation is the same – Love. Love, not only as in the romantic love between couples but also embodiment of Love as a vibration wherein you are in unconditional Love with a friend and a foe alike!

Also, we are experiencing the activation of the dormant Divine Feminine in us, individually and collectively. And with this activation, we are being brought into balance. We all have both the masculine and feminine aspect in us regardless of our gender. What Hindus call Shiv-Shakti. But for eons, the feminine energy was suppressed in us and on this planet by those who wanted to control us. The male ego was more a dominant force in our existence up until our recent past. And the result was greed, control, power by dominating over others, competitiveness, inequality, oppression.

And to get things into balance, all those values that are detrimental, even harmful, to our evolution, have to be released. The old ways of surviving aren’t working. The old has to give way for the new. Like my spiritual teacher Shri Bhagavan says “There is always disorder before there’s even a greater order”.

And this disorder is what’s happening currently in our individual lives and globally. Because the Divine Feminine is more Heart-based and right-brained(?) and therefore Creative energy/aspect of our consciousness, at an individual level, all that is not in alignment with our Heart and all that no longer resonate with us (at the Soul level) is ” leaving” our space. And this could be our jobs that we no longer resonate with, any relationships where there’s no equal exchange of energy or where there’s imbalance, our belief systems which weren’t ours to start with but which we adopted from our parents (who adopted them from their parents!) and society. Everything is right now coming up for us to either set right or release.

My favourite saying is “Unless you see the dust, you cannot wipe it clean” by thewelldressedyogi 😉 

So see what’s NOT working in your life and take some action about it. Because, sooner or later, you will be “made” to make the required changes – not by some external entity but by your own Heart \ Soul \ Higher Self \ Inner Divine \ Your Antaryamin – the In-dweller \ Father-Mother God Spark or whatever name you want to give it! And NO, not in an act of punishment, but because He\She loves you and know you more intimately than you currently know yourself and wants you to fulfill your desires and live your soul purpose, your mission for being here on Earth at this time.

Remember, its not BAU (Business As Usual) anymore!  Time to faff around and trying to get answers from external source is indeed over! Time to see Life in an isolated, fragmented way is over. A more Holistic approach is required; more inside out approach where you go within to release what’s not working and see the positive outcome of those changes without!

We TRULY are in unprecedented times where we, collectively, are given the opportunity to rise above the old and mundane and ascend into higher vibrations and dimensions, which, before this time, was only achievable after leaving our physical body on this earthly plane. It IS going to happen whether you believe it or not – the question is will you participate actively and reclaim your Creator Self or will you watch as a bystander!

Part 2 here