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  1. 🙂 seeing all these pictures made me smile and i thank you for that 🙂
    This only makes my belief more strong than ever that love is omnipresent you only need an eye to see it and senses to feel it through.

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    • Thank you Swati 🙂 I’m glad they brought you happiness! It has indeed been (and is) an interesting and magical experience to see such signs especially when you don’t go looking for them but they come into your awareness in their own time. Thanks for leaving a comment!


    • Hello David, thanks for stopping by! That’s great to hear that you too are seeing Hearts in everything. We definitely have an eye for it. However, I also feel that it’s the way for our Higher Self, Guides and Source to show us these lovely signs to remind us how much Loved we are!! Because, most of the time, I am not looking for them consciously and they show up in ‘weird’ places 🙂 Have a lovely day brother ❤


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