jack, the watcher – current conditions

No wonder most of us are feeling the way we are, these days!! Here’s the update on energies from the stables (literally!)

Personally, I’ve been in a lull since many days and have been facing the resurfacing of issues that I thought I was over with. This status update very aptly defines the process 😉 Hence the minimal activity on the blog. I’ve got topics to write but no brainpower – its gone AWOL!!

Isn’t it amazing though that I mentioned here the personal power that kitties have and today Jean’s talking about Murphie Leigh – her cat’s ability to help us regain our power!! Enjoy!

Current Conditions

As of February 13, 2015, The Tethers of Service began to release en masse, resulting in a powerful wave of exiting energy. As I mentioned in my last message, the Tethers of Service are now coming to fruition and this has translated into an energy upheaval that is occurring both Globally and personally. As the cords, contracts and connected energy to the Tethers of Service are released, an adjustment-reset- in the internal and external environment must occur.

Some may have noticed a shift beginning on February 10 but for most it began on the 13th and is still on-going. It may continue for some until the Summer Solstice but for most it will terminate on the Spring Equinox.

Physically, deep pain, likely within the bones or digestive system, may now be again re-surfacing as the fear and anger connected to the aforementioned agreements are being released. In addition, one may experience lethargy, fatigue and weight gain as the body adjusts to the new climate changes.

During the last week, beginning on Sunday February 22, 2015- 
the energy wave may have surfaced in one’s external environment and a powerful reset is now in full force. Since this time, we have been experiencing a constant onslaught of resets which have been occurring literally on top of one another. This week may have been uncomfortable for some but this only validates that a new wave of consciousness has now arrived. We, as a collective, are taking giant leaps forward and this leap is just the first of many that will occur this year.

Once and for all, long standing life lessons are now being presented for release. This will explain why you may be re-experiencing paradigms that you thought long ago were healed. It is analogous to the final gasp for breath before they are let go. “Coming full circle” is applicable here.

black vulture

Collectively, We are building a New Earth and We cannot move into our New Home until we have cleared the clutter from our lives and our beings. Thankfully, The Vulture is assisting in releasing us from old and decaying energy. In addition, He is purifying our bodies and our beings; allowing new connections, ideas and inspiration to take hold.

If you need help, Murphie is here…

ML use

While I receive each of Jack’s messages, one of my Watchers will sit by my computer and ‘charge’ the message. I don’t usually mention this unless they ask me to do so and Murphie is asking me now.

Murphie Leigh wanted me to mention that she has “powered” this message. She is a logistics officer and sends energy, direction and information to the Watchers on the receiving end of Jack’s messages.

murphie 2 2

Personally, however, Murphie can help you release energy that inhibits and squelches your Personal Power.

This Lady is formidable and She is offering Her services. If you are having issues related to Power, call on Murphie and ask Her to assist.

Be direct, be firm and be resolute in your request.

Jean, the Watchers and I are incredibly Grateful for our Allegiance and our Connection. Hesitate not to call upon us to assist in your evolution, especially now. We are all working to create a New Earth and a New Age and it is now time to reach out to those who have the same vision and purpose.

Jack, The Watcher 
via Jean, his human companion


the camouflaged zen kitty

the inner child was happy when he saw this almost undetectable mini lion meditating in a woodland today, unfazed by she-kid’s and his presence – that’s what kitty represents, don’t they – personal power!?! who knows perhaps she’s a watcher¹ and was in an inter-dimensional trance assisting in this ascension like jack says!!! 😉 

¹ The Watchers are sentient beings who are cloaked in animal  form. In addition to being highly  aware and conscious beings, all of their seven senses are fully functioning:  Hearing, feeling, taste, sight, touch, intuition, and healing.  Jack is  not the only Watcher as there are innumerable Watchers all over the Earth both wild and domestic. Their purpose is and has always been, to serve the Greater Good. Find more here


get out of my way

I don’t know why but this is asking to be shared so here goes. Thanks to my Inner Source, few days back, I was “given” these declarations and was guided to say them out loud; it seems to have helped when I’m feeling out of sorts. Most times, it’s us who come in our own way so this is like we are giving ourselves a thumbs up!

I have complete dominion over myself

I give myself full permission to be myself

I give myself full permission to reclaim and stand in my Personal Power

I give myself full permission to be loving, to be loved and to be Love

I give myself full permission to receive abundance in all it’s various forms

I give myself full permission to be prosperous

I give myself full permission to be open and receptive to wealth and money

I give myself full permission to be healthy

I give myself full permission to relax and let go of all that doesn’t serve me

I give myself full permission to reclaim my Abundant, Loving, Light Being

I give myself full permission to be playful, happy and joyous

I give myself full permission to be my Inner Child

I give myself full permission to be in the NOW moment every moment

So Be It and So It Is

Tathastu, Tathastu, Tathastu¹

Much Love to All 

¹ Tathastu is a Sanskrit word which means “So be it”. Pronunciation –  ta(soft t) – th( from thank) – a( from argument) – stoo The guy over here from where I got the pronunciation has done a decent job by also putting an audio of the pronunciation if anyone’s interested