the nots that don’t tie me

nope, it isn’t a typo! ok, then what is it? in legal (read boring) terms it’s called a disclaimer.

So here it is! Disclaimer:

  • this is my personal blog; more like my online personal diary; it’s not a bible or any scripture; i’m not a qualified spiritual teacher or healer or consultant of any sorts or people pleaser or a snake charmer and i do not consider myself to be one, so do not take my word for anything i say here, please!
  • i’m not a medical practitioner and i do not claim to know the treatments to some physical challenges you may have been experiencing in this peculiar times. always seek advice from medical establishment if you think you’ve a medical condition and if you feel the need to
  • views, opinions, perspectives, ideas shared on this blog are either the blog owner’s or of the guest writer
  • they are not to offend any individual or group of people of any religion, cult, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spiritual organisation or any organisation for that matter from any village, town, city, country, nation, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse or anywhere in this entire creation
  • the opinions shared about any product or service are just that – opinions; they should not be considered as an endorsement for the products or services in question
  • any vibrational medicine or energy healing modality, spiritual and self-help tools or books talked about on this blog should not be taken as a recommendation by the blog owner or the guest writer(s). he\she\it\them are only sharing what has worked for he\she\it\them or what he\she\it\they find useful in their daily lives and spiritual growth
  • the blog owner does not take any responsibility for anyone who, after reading about a product\service\modality\tool on this blog, goes on to try it on themselves and does not get desired results or get undesired results
  • comments on a post, if allowed, represents the opinions of the person(s) who left the comment and is their responsibility and not of the blog owner. however, any abusive or defaming comment will be deleted
  • original pictures\photos\images are the personal property of the blog owner, Kinnar Pandya aka thewelldressedyogi aka kinsden, and cannot be used directly or indirectly by anyone without the written consent of Kinnar Pandya aka thewelldressedyogi aka kinsden
  • if I’m using a picture\photo\image that is yours on this blogsite, kindly send me an email if you want me to remove it and i’ll honour it. many thanks

there you go! I told you there wasn’t a typo when I wrote nots in the title 😉

now, some common sense: i am a sovereign being and so i have a right to freedom of speech and expressing myself freely in this free world. if in case something on this blog offends you, i’m not responsible for the way you perceive things that others say or write about. like me, you are a sovereign being and have the right to feel the way you want to! peace and love, namaste!


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