who’s he?

hmm, let’s see! he’s a kid born in 1976 and married to a she-kid. he has consciously been walking on a personal spiritual journey since 2000 and likes to think of himself as a yogi (can you believe it!!!) well, a well-dressed one at that! he has learnt a thing or two along his journey which he would like to share with other kids who are interested. his origins are Indian, though, he currently calls London UK his physical cave (this blog being a digital one!)

his main interests are travelling, making friends, movies and music (however his choice of genre is getting refined at the moment since he has enrolled to this course called Human and Planetary Ascension and finds many previously interesting things boring and downright outrageous) and spirituality which also includes galactic, ETs and all those out-of-this-world stuff!

in this cave, he wants to shout out loud things that he has learnt but also, his own perspectives, ideas and opinions about, well, whatever comes to his bloody mind. topics may include but NOT limited to spirituality, relationship, travelling, movies, meditation, spiritual tools, Galactics, Ascension, Disclosure, maybe money – the list is endless! however, he doesn’t claim to know¬†anything (aah, that’s a relief)

and yes, he swears and uses the EFF word a lot but in a sweeeeet friendly way. don’t worry, we have asked him to mind his language in this cave. and the good news is he has caved in (pun intended!)


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