one moon – one night – three shades


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the camouflaged zen kitty

the inner child was happy when he saw this almost undetectable mini lion meditating in a woodland today, unfazed by she-kid’s and his presence – that’s what kitty represents, don’t they – personal power!?! who knows perhaps she’s a watcher¹ and was in an inter-dimensional trance assisting in this ascension like jack says!!! 😉 

¹ The Watchers are sentient beings who are cloaked in animal  form. In addition to being highly  aware and conscious beings, all of their seven senses are fully functioning:  Hearing, feeling, taste, sight, touch, intuition, and healing.  Jack is  not the only Watcher as there are innumerable Watchers all over the Earth both wild and domestic. Their purpose is and has always been, to serve the Greater Good. Find more here


love is in the air (and everywhere!), really?

 Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!!

I’ll be honest, I don’t believe in the excitement of showing Love for one day and then going back to our ‘usual’ ways, next day onwards. However, something is better than nothing I guess!

We should be showing and sharing Love everyday, shouldn’t we? Unconditional Love that is. Oh, I so wish, to embody that consciousness, sooner rather than later. It seems elusive at the moment!

Although, I reckon, we are getting there. Almost! What makes me say that?

I’d like to share some pictures with you which shows how Ishvar (a Hindu word for Source) and my Divine Team has given me the evidence and signs of Love few times since January 2014. Wherever it has been shown to my wife, I’ve mentioned that in the image description. Believe me, none of these were “created” deliberately by me\us. Well, except for the spring onion one above.

Mind you, some are not “exclusive” to me as they can be seen by anyone – we only need to have the awareness. And I guess when we are actively looking for it, we see it more often and clearly.  Click on the pictures to know the story behind each of them. Hope you enJOY viewing them as I did when they said ‘hello!’ Life’s magical??? Must be!