jack, the watcher – deep eruptions from the heart of gaia

Jack415977_320272578025110_669440169_o, The Watcher has sent out another update. As always, full of Wisdom and Higher Perspective. Jack is a Sentient Being in the body of a horse who gives messages through his human companion, Jean, an animal communicator. He and other Watchers are helping Humanity in these pivotal times. Jack has helped me tremendously on my journey!

Hold on to your hats as the infamous Mercury retrograde is around the corner!! Brrrrr, grrrr, and yes all those other noise that you usually make.

Here’s the update verbatim:


2_turkeys_resizedThe Turkey will be Our Guiding force for the next few weeks as We work collectively to ground the energies that were released at the end of April by the Himalaya.

Eruptions of long held energy are coming from deep within Gaia and the energy is now just matriculating up into Her inhabitants. Although earthquakes occur regularly, some gain more attention than others and rightfully so. Some eruptions are merely the result of the process of balancing forces within Gaia but some are significant to our planetary growth.

The earthquakes that occurred in recent years within the Andes Mountains, served as a balancing force; laying the groundwork for the eruption that was to come in the Himalayas. The importance of Himalayan eruption cannot be understated as this mountain range contains immense energy, long held wisdom as well as vital keys to the evolutionary process on this planet. I am deeply saddened by the loss of life but their sacrifice rewards Us with energy and wisdom that we will carry with Honor and Gratitude far into the future.

The amount of energy and knowledge contained within the Himalayas, specifically, Mount Everest cannot be understated, which was recently released onto the physical plane. This release has been long awaited and was spurred by a myriad of cosmological and earthly events.

Mother Ganges


Thanks Tim for the beautiful picture of this powerful Lady!

Another powerful force in the Himalayas is the River Ganges. Mother Ganges is a seat of Creation and gently moves energy through the majestic mountains that she calls home. Her energy is patient yet formidable.

Encouraged and gently awakened by the recent release of energy, Mother Ganges is now coming to life. She too is introducing long held energy that She has been waiting to share. Right now, She is gently enabling the the Kundalini energy to be activated and released within the Human Collective. Kundalini energy has already begun to awaken within many of you resulting in more energy, more vitality, more empathy, more compassion, more gratitude more sexuality and sensuality. Connect to Mother Ganges and ask Her to assist in awakening the Kundalini energy that resides within you.

Current Conditions

3_vulturesA powerful energy reset is now being experienced by Gaia and her inhabitants. The symptoms one may experience are trouble with electronic devices as well as a personal feeling of disunion and disconnection. Physical and emotional release may also be occurring now, which is clearing and healing outworn and useless people, places, circumstances, and events that no longer serve one’s highest good. This process is preparing one to accept the higher frequencies that were released via the Eruption in the Himalayas at the end of last month. Do not be dismayed by these fleeting feelings and annoyances for they are temporary.

This reset is timed, as they usually are, to coincide with Mercury “going retrograde” which is already being felt although it does not begin in earnest until the middle of next week. This is a time for clearing and reflection. You are being nudged to let go of what no longer serves you.

If you are feeling apathetic, spur yourself into action by cleaning your space of items that you do not use or no longer need. Begin working on projects that have been floating around in your mind for some time. Organize and streamline your space. Donate your time, money or unwanted belongings to others who could utilize them with gratitude. Begin to Write or Create and Focus your attention and energy on something that brings You Joy and Satisfaction. This will turn your attention away from what is not working and is needlessly sapping your time and energy. Be self-centered for a short time and focus on You and Your feelings and what brings You Joy and Happiness.

Now is the perfect time to begin an exercise regimen or release negative people or behaviors that have been holding you prisoner. Mercury will lend a hand now to assist you in your dream of building a better you. Because a better You, vicariously builds and contributes to a better Us. If you need assistance, the Watchers are waiting to help. Specifically ask the black vulture to help in releasing the old while The Turkey will aid in grounding new energy.

During this time, Do not be afraid to share your ideas and inspirations with others, if you are so guided, you may find a kindred spirit hidden in the midst. There are people just like you who feel alone and isolated in their thoughts and feelings and are waiting to be discovered. Be brave, open your Heart and extend a hand. Ignore those who do not embrace your invitation as I promise, through determination, you will find others who have been waiting for You! A like-minded human to enter their world and share in their dreams and vision of beautiful Earth!

The veil between space and dimensions continues to be thin, contributing to vivid and prophetic dreams. Your dreamtime now may allow you a glimpse into how you are operating in other dimensions. If you do not like what you see, ask for guidance as to how, You in this space, can affect change throughout your entire current soul existence.

Much Abundant Blessings,

Jack, The Watcher and Jean

Source: https://madmimi.com/p/25fd26?fe=1&pact=30185822373 and http://www.jeanrockefeller.com


so what on Earth is happening? part 2

In Part 1, we saw what we may be experiencing in our lives and why we may be going through a certain chaos. This is all part of our mass awakening (with emphasis on “mass”) to our true Spiritual Self and to wake up to the Truth that we are not just humans, but actually spiritual beings having a human experience. And we are given an opportunity to ascend into higher dimensions.

Ascension! What Ascension?

Ascension, simply put, is our spiritual evolution and the rise in our consciousness.

We are currently on our way from third dimensional existence through fourth and  into fifth dimensional (and beyond) living. To reiterate, we do move into higher dimensions after our death. But what is unique this time is we will ascend whilst being in our physical body! (1)

In the book “We, The Arcturians” by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich, the Arcturians (advanced civilisation living in the Arcturus star system in the Boötes constellation) explains that the fourth dimension has been coming to Earth since the time of Jesus. He came to introduce the qualities of fourth dimensions which are the journey inward, the expression of Love and the act of Forgiveness. Once we master these qualities, we are ready to move onto the next level – the fifth dimension, where we learn how to manifest through thought – manifest things using the force of Love.

So I reckon, we are already “playing with” fourth dimension whenever i) we forgive someone, ii) we start our spiritual journey, we go inward, meditate and try to know ourselves more and most importantly, iii) we express our Love (for self and others.)

However, we may not be there yet as far as mastering it is concerned. Well, maybe some are, some aren’t (I’ll be honest, I’m not there yet, but getting close. I’ll share my journey in a separate post some time soon.)

So how do we master it?

By having a higher perspective that whatever is happening in our lives is for our own growth. And that we create our own reality and we are not victims or on receiving end! The challenges need to be seen as opportunities to further our spiritual growth. The people (the button pushers as I like to call them) come in our lives to show us what we need to acknowledge, accept, release and heal about ourselves. These are the ones who are our real teachers. And most often than not, we don’t have to venture too far out to ‘bump’ into them, as we will find them right besides us in our family as our parents, our siblings, our friends, our spouse, our colleagues.

We agreed with all of them, before we incarnated in this lifetime, to be the way they are so that we can be shown what’s there inside us, reconcile and love ourselves as we are which in turn leads to forgiveness of others and loving them unconditionally! But we get under an amnesiac veil and forget the real reason for them being in our lives. And we get busy in taking offense, getting hurt, blame game, retaliation, bitching and the lot!

OK! Got it! Is that all?

No, that’s just one part of the story. Its not only us humans who are being given the opportunity to grow our consciousness. Our beautiful planet is going through the same growth process.

Mother Earth is a living, breathing organism just like us and it has been raped and tortured for millennia for humanity’s own selfish pursuits. Just like someone who’s raped carries the wound and the trauma, Earth has carried the injuries for too long. And just like a person who’s been tortured (physically or emotionally), at one point cannot take it any longer and says “enough is enough”, Earth is right now doing just that. All the earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis and “never before experienced” erratic weather patterns are all the signs of Mother Earth releasing her wounds and stuck energy and healing herself completely. She has taken Her power back. And what is facilitating this is the Light that our Source been sending Her through our Galactic Central Sun. And as She rises in vibrations , everything that dwells on Her does too, as we can see from these messages:

“Many are assisting the human Ascension but I am to help humans realize that the animals are ascending as well.  It is imperative that humans realize that there are “Watchers” all over the Earth who are assisting in the Ascension for all of the Kingdoms of Creation; Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral” – Jack The Watcher (2)

“It is my delight to share with you a new shift which is occurring upon the Earth now and bringing forth tremendous light to support Mother Earth and humanity’s transitions into higher vibrations of light. The animal kingdom is currently moving through a major transition which they have consented to and are achieving as a service to the Earth.” – Archangel Sandalphon (3)

And this whole exercise, if I can call it that, is going to have a profound effect on our entire Universe. Unlike we have been led to believe, we aren’t alone in this whole wide Universe. There are civilisations living in different star systems in billions of different galaxies in our Universe!!

And these civilisations are watching us very closely as to how we go about this whole Ascension process because our success will have a knock on effect on other parts of the Universe. Everything will be upgraded a notch so to speak. As various Masters and other Light Beings have spoken. (4)

Not only are our star brothers and sisters watching us, but they are assisting us by sending us healing and loving energies; by communicating with us through different channels, showing up in their spacecrafts and working “behind the scenes!”

Our various space agencies have had been in communication with outer world civilisations for eons. It is kept hidden from us as part of the plan to keep us controlled (more on that in perhaps a future article).

However, some people are doing a brilliant job to bring this to light, like James Gilliland at Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (http://www.eceti.org) and Dr. Steven Greer at The Disclosure Project (http://www.disclosureproject.org and http://www.cseti.org.)

Not only that, but many people, like you and me, have had contacts with and visitations from various star beings as you can read about their experiences here: http://goldenageofgaia.com/disclosure/who-are-the-extraterrestrials/meetings-with-remarkable-galactics/. These stories can’t be faked!!

So in a nutshell, we, along with our planet and fellow beings, are evolving and are on our path to truly create a harmonious, loving, peaceful world. A true Heaven on Earth! Who’s going to join me? 😉

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dream diary 8.2.2015

So last night I had an amazing dream. In my dream, I was asleep and I saw a flash of very bright Light which wakes me up from my sleep in the dream. Not sure if it was the same dream, but next, I see there’s some kitchen of sorts (more like open plan) and across the hall, there’s a table where few children are sitting and I’m making some kind of drink or smoothie for them – can’t remember what I make for them!! Next, I see a message on my laptop/tablet(??) from the guys on the other side of the veil. Again, can’t remember exact words but my vague feeling is that they send me a message praising my work here and that I’m an important part of this whole thing (or something along the lines!)

Now, I’ve had few weird dreams but never about guys upstairs sending me a message. So this has got me excited. Who knows the veil is indeed thinning!!!