your love offering

Dear Friends, if my posts and what I share helps you in any way in your journey called Life to move closer to Love and bring you a smile/relief/insight/happiness, I am happy to receive any Love offering that your Heart would like to give.

When I started the blog, I didn’t think that I would ask for donation for the Love I’m sharing. However, I’m learning to open myself to receive assistance and appreciation for whatever I do here on this blog which is out of Love for my fellow ‘Earthlings’ who are treading the path of Life with the only hope that my experiences and the insights I receive from my Higher Self will help someone in some way.

And also my current Life situation is asking me to ask and be open 🙂

If you are called to, you can send via PayPal at (choose the ‘Send to family and friend’ option). Any Love Shares will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. 💕