Powerful times are upon us – let’s take this opportunity to create what we truly desire and want. Many of us have gone against the current in an attempt to create our dream life. I know I have. It has been challenging to say the least but we always have an opportunity, in every moment, to make the ‘sacrifice’ worth it. And some days like this one are extra special cosmically(?) which lends supporting energies to the manifestation our deepest heartfelt desires and dreams. May all of your desires be fulfilled. Namasté (and thank you Anna Merkaba sweet soul ❤ )

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

bluemoonGreetings everyone!

This is going to be a rather short post, as so much has already been said about the Blue Moon.

Many of you are already aware that this Friday we’re being blessed with a Blue Moon! What I have just found out from my guides is that it is also a moon of infinite opportunities and potential. We have been working diligently towards improving our lives, making changes and looking deep within, and now it is our time to reap the rewards of our efforts. This blue moon as I am told is a moon of ABUNDANCE, HARVEST, RELEASE AND JUST REWARDS.

This is the time to not only ask for what you want, but to actually RECEIVE everything that you have been working towards.

So take this opportunity to ask for what you want, and then see it quickly manifest into your reality. To help you do…

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