patriot, loyal and socially acceptable…not!

So I sometimes shop at a local Sainsbury’s and at times when a Big Issue vendor is sitting outside, I get her a loaf of sourdough bread. For those who don’t know, Big Issue is a magazine that was started “to help the homeless and long-term unemployed people” by making them vendors like any newspaper vendor. Brilliant initiative!

I should really be buying the mag off her because that way she can earn some respectable money. But to be honest I’m not into reading news magazines and so I don’t see a point in buying one only to throw it away. Instead my Heart feels like giving her something to eat that she can share with her family.

Anyway, today it was the first time that I spoke with her (normally it’s limited to a hello and a thank you.) I asked her if she’s able to sell enough and she said, in broken English (she’s not English), some days she sells two, some days three. After a question or two to which she replied well, I got curious and asked her where she was originally from. And she started saying “no English no English!” At first I thought she didn’t get my question so I asked again. But she said the same thing. And I got it: not that she meant she is not English but she was trying to dodge the question. So I said my farewell and left.

But I was saddened and angry at the same time. Here was a lady who was trying to earn money in a respectable manner. But she was too reluctant (and maybe even shameful!) to reveal her origins just because she’s classed by the society and government institutions as ‘an outsider’ or ‘asylum seeker’ or ‘an immigrant!!!’ She feared the ridicule perhaps.

What kind of world are we living in? Who decides what is socially acceptable? Who’s to say that if you are black you should be in some African or Caribbean country, if you are brown you should be in Indian subcontinent, if you are wearing a hijab you should live in ‘one of those Muslim countries,’ if you are purple you should live underwater, if you are blue you should live on trees, if you are wispy white you should be floating mid air.

Who decides this? I reckon I know the answer. But why should the governments and religions be deciding why someone should only belong to some particular region on this huge planet! Do they bloody own this planet?

And for argument sake if we accept the need for governments to decide such things based on their policies so as to keep things ‘smooth and running’, why are we, the Joe public, so xenophobic! Again, I think I know the answer.

We have been brainwashed and programmed from lifetimes after lifetimes and within this life, from childhood to perceive those who don’t belong to the same nationality, caste, religion, creed and colour as us as a threat, as an outsider, as a burden to ‘economy.’ People from developed countries are subconsciously ‘trained’ to see people from developing countries as less civilised or ill-mannered.

And BTW what the heck does ‘third world country’ mean? To me it only means one thing. Those who coined this terminology were \ are morons and arrogant.

Those who are running the nations and therefore the world doesn’t want people to unite. Their main purpose is to keep people separate and hating each other. They have for eons instilled the seed of racism and separation in human psyche.

And it’s not just between different ethnicities and nationalities. There is a culture of competition and therefore hatred, dislike and separation even between the people of same ethnic group. Just look at the ‘sports industry!’ (I deliberately use that word. It is just that – an industry.)

For eg. football – there will be some level of grudge, if we are honest about it, between people following different clubs or teams. There’s even a behavioural tendency of the fans to be hooligans because of this!! Hard to believe? Just google ‘hooliganism images’ and see what it shows.

And this is NOT restricted to just football. Look at cricket. And Indians! They will become so harsh in their demeanour if there’s a match against their infamous rivals!

And this brings us to another MAJOR factor that is responsible for the separatist attitude that we exhibit. And it is ‘patriotism’, ‘loyalty’, and ‘pride.’

I might be going out on a limb here if I say ‘A patriot is a dangerous person.’ Wars have been fought, people have been killed and many atrocities have taken place in the name of patriotism. ‘I’ll kill anyone for my country.’ Yes! Why? Why NOT ‘I’ll kill no one for my humanity!’


To be honest, I’ve never felt patriotic in my life, ever. Since childhood my thought process has been: this life we chose to be born as an Indian or Brit or Muslim or Christian or Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse and so we are taking a particular side. Tomorrow in another life, we will be born as something else say Spiderman or Batman. So in grand scheme of things where does our ‘loyalty’ and ‘patriotism’ lie? We are but fooling ourselves. And I don’t think ‘we only live once’; to me that’s just another programming

And loyalty, not just towards your country, but towards a particular brand you like is equally harmful. If I’m so loyal to a particular brand, I wouldn’t even try to ‘experiment’ with another brand. I might outright reject it. Again, this is closed thinking and narrow mindedness, per my view.

We become so boxed, conditioned and limited with these attitudes that we do not accept other people, their ideas or their opinions or their choices. We can actually be spiteful towards those who are outside this box or circle of ours.


And this is what the powers that be want. They very well know that if people unite in harmony then the populace can become powerful enough to topple them off. And so we are constantly being reminded (read subliminally programmed) of our ‘duty towards our nation’ (the machismo army recruitment adverts), of the horrific turmoils of past (frequent programmes about the past wars), of the acts of terrorism (fabricated videos of 911 and the likes), of how socially acceptable and OK it is to bitch about others and live in broken families (programmes like Big Brother and soap operas) and the list goes on.

It might sound like a conspiracy. And it should because it is. If there weren’t a conspiracy, why was \ would there be a need for so many wars and atrocities? Why haven’t they tried to resolve matters peacefully?

Because then, my friends, what would happen to the whole military-industrial complex? How would they make money if they can no longer sell arms, by the way, to both the sides who are at war?

If wars are over, how would they keep people stressed and fearful of their lives? If people are not stressed and afraid, how would they get sick? And if they don’t get sick, what would happen to a trillion dollar(?) medical industry? If people don’t watch a violent or emotionally triggering movie that is being televised at night just before going to bed, then they would have a calm, relaxing sleep and if so, how would the pharmaceutical industry sell pills for headache?

If people are united and they don’t subscribe to the idea of fanaticism in sports, who would they sell the club membership to? How would they continue milking people off? What would happen to billion dollar(?) sports merchandise industry?

Naysayers would rebuff this. And I’m not going to try to convince anyone. To each his own. I’d only suggest try putting a different thinking hat on or a different glasses and try thinking and seeing from a different perspective than you are used to. And maybe you will see things in new light.

Or maybe not. I don’t know. I need to go. I’ve to cheer my favourite team up. ‘Go Humanity go! You can do it, we are ONE race!


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