ted murray

I always, well almost always, resonate with what Ted Murray has to say. And this one in particular strikes the chord. Thanks Ted for reminding that there’s no set definition of a life path!

“How can you contribute the most to the awakening of the world? Do you have to become famous and be able to be an inspiration for millions? Can you remain in the shadows and impact only through your connection to source and bringing light into the world? Is direct service to help other human beings the best path? Do you need to commit to a cause that is dedicated to solving one of the major issues facing the world? Should you be a healer who directly affects the physical and emotional health of others?

Actually all of these can be legitimate paths. Each individual is unique and has their own way of contributing their gifts to the world. Instead of looking at what others are doing and potentially being intimidated or even jealous, look deeply into your heart. Recognize your unique gifts and your unique passion. Then see in what way your talents can be of benefit to others. Once you start on your ideal path, even if it is with very small initial steps, the universe will see your commitment and begin to provide the connections and miracles that will assist you in your journey to make this lifetime one of growth, inspiration and abundance.” –Ted Murray

Source: Humanity’s Team Daily Inspirational Message


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