jack, the watcher – tethers of service

A wonderful, uplifting update by my friend Jack through lovely Jean! You can go subscribe to Jack’s newsletter by going to http://jeanrockefeller.com if it ‘resonates’ with you. Love!

PS. Find rest of this message atΒ https://madmimi.com/p/33b6d5?fe=1&pact=28314352778

Tethers of Service

415977_320272578025110_669440169_oSince 12/21/12 when we began to ascend in earnest, Gaia has increased greatly in frequency and power. This has allowed the Gaia Collective to shift and embrace the New Earth Energies that have been made available to us all. Personally, this translates into an accelerated growth pattern which will be accentuated by the release of the Tethers of Service that have bound many of us for lifetimes.

During this year of 2015, it is likely that the individual will witness more personal growth than they have ever been able to previously experience. Because many of you are clearing on behalf of the Gaia Collective, you have experienced steady growth but the process may have been painfully slow at times. This is due to the heavy “Tethers of Service” and accompanying soul obligations that the Legion of Light has contracted to serve on behalf of the Gaia Collective. During 2015, many of these contracts will now come to fruition and be released from the individual. This will truly be a welcomed relief.

black vulture

The Black Vulture will be our guiding energy from now until the Spring Equinox. (For some, his energy will stay until the Summer Solstice.) His energy includes Death, Rebirth and Purification but most importantly, Transformation. As Vultures prefer long standing rotting energy, He will aid in releasing the ancient and decaying cords that have bound us to others.

During 2015 a separation of sorts will begin. As the Legion of Light begins to be released from long standing soul obligations, they will soon find their wings and begin to soar ever higher into the ethers. New dreams and new realms await!

What is the Gaia Collective?

At this point, I asked Jack to elaborate and explain in more detail the Gaia Collective and the Legion of Light.

The Gaia Collective is the sum of the whole of the beings that dwell upon this planet. All parts are equally important and contribute equally.

The Legion of Light are those beings who have contracted to be here, on this planet, at this time to assist in the Ascension of the Gaia Collective. The Legion of Light spans all of the kingdoms: Animal, Vegetable and Mineral. They are the strongest among us as the weight they carry is immense. By now, We are tired and worn out, having to pull along those whom we are contractually bound. Gladly, we have completed many of these contracts and soon we will be free of their burdensome energy. Some of these contracts were released last year, in 2014 but for most of us, 2015 will bring us freedom from those who have slowed our progress


9 thoughts on “jack, the watcher – tethers of service

  1. Gail says:

    OH NOOOOOO. im fed of of these clearing years lol after the 2012 hype i expected life to be rosy, BUT in myopinion 2013 and 2014 were horrible. and now again 2015 . hope i survive it in one piece:(. Seriously i must have been daft, to leave source and re incarnate to experience, what ?this ?? Hhhhrrmmpphh

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  2. Gail says:

    Hey There , after last weeks energy which came through, i am having a tough time integrating these energies , in my head i know that i need to be calm, but you know right better said than done. Any tips, ive been emotional since last night. finding this very difficult, Dunno what to let go, because everything is in the hands of the creator. any assistance will be appreciated.

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    • Don’t we just want to abort the mission and GO!!! πŸ˜‰ First thing I’d say, if I may, is let go of the idea that “you need to be calm”. No, you don’t need to be calm you need to be yourself πŸ™‚ and that means feeling how you feel. Its coming up for a reason. Let it just flow through you. It might be you are doing it for collective since you say you are at loss on what to let go! Or it could be that you are longing to merge with Source that’s getting you emotional. Check my post ” how’s it going, mate” part 1 and see if it resonates.

      Another thing you can do is use the Violet Flame to transmute the energies. http://ascension-stgermain.com/violetflame-article.html. she’s also got a free mp3 that you can download.

      And use Jack’s declaration that I posted the other day. Should help. (well, helps me a lot! :)) and call the Black Vulture. In the radio show, Jean explains the role of Vultures very succinctly. HTH. Shall keep you in my prayers.


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