ooh la la

I sense the energies are quite potent at the moment. Divine Feminine is roaring I guess. Tsunami of Love, as some has called it, must be in fifth gear. I’m not sleeping as much as I used to, but the energies are relentless and I guess it wants me to create, create, create and then some more. For now, that may mean writing for this blog. So be it!!

PS. anyone out there feeling the same?!?


4 thoughts on “ooh la la

  1. Gail says:

    Mine are opposite , I usually sleep just 6 hours but today i snoozed to over 8 hours n i felt zombie like the whole day , and i cant wait to go back and sleep . Thankfully no cranky mood swings im pretty calm 🙂


    • Yes Gail, I do have those days too when I feel bogged down and want to sleep, sleep and do nothing. After years of going through this rollercoaster ride, I see there’s a pattern where there are some days you’re so charged with energy, you could do a triathlon followed by days where you want to be left alone!! 😜


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