dream diary 8.2.2015

So last night I had an amazing dream. In my dream, I was asleep and I saw a flash of very bright Light which wakes me up from my sleep in the dream. Not sure if it was the same dream, but next, I see there’s some kitchen of sorts (more like open plan) and across the hall, there’s a table where few children are sitting and I’m making some kind of drink or smoothie for them – can’t remember what I make for them!! Next, I see a message on my laptop/tablet(??) from the guys on the other side of the veil. Again, can’t remember exact words but my vague feeling is that they send me a message praising my work here and that I’m an important part of this whole thing (or something along the lines!)

Now, I’ve had few weird dreams but never about guys upstairs sending me a message. So this has got me excited. Who knows the veil is indeed thinning!!!


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