a piece on peace

img_20140828_131754.jpgMy dear friend and brother, Steve Beckow, over at Golden Age of Gaia, showcasing courage, has agreed with Archangel Michael (through a channelling medium) on a deadline of 14th February 2015 when peace will reign again in our world: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/02/04/archangel-michael-let-us-create-peace-earth-feb-14-2015-part-12/. This prompted me to think and write on the subject.

The word ‘peace’ may evoke an image of a white dove or a world without wars in some of us. How wonderful would it be to live in a world where there are no wars, no weapons and no cause to fight!! Likewise, wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a family or a community (and a world at large) where everyone is living peacefully together having had resolved all the differences?

However, the image above, per me, is not complete without us asking ourselves: what about the internal “war” that we are at, with ourselves? My view is unless we have come to terms with ourselves, we will not be able to see much of peace outside, either in our lives or on the global stage. Because the external world is simply a reflection of our internal world. We can get together in thousands and march and protest on the streets against the acts of war or terrorism. But are we at peace with ourselves when we are just by ourselves?

No, I am not being a pessimist! Quite the contrary. I do appreciate the various protests, peace walks and acts of solidarity that take place around the world. And they are essential in bringing about peaceful changes in the world. However, my take on it is, these outward actions would be even more powerful when we can come from a place of wholeness, integrity and peace within. Because then our internal vibrations of stillness and calmness will affect the resonance of whatever it is that we are protesting for!

Remember, when demonstrations turn into violent ones despite having all intentions for them to be peaceful, it could be that the authority figures or policemen are in fact ‘reacting’ to the predominant vibrations being subconsciously sent out by the majority of the demonstrators. Perhaps the fear in the crowd, of being oppressed by the authority, brings that about in reality? And perhaps it is this reason why we are not able to see long lasting peace reign between nations so far or it only happens in a superficial way!

These are just my opinions; I don’t know it for sure. But what I know for sure, because I’ve experienced it in my life, is the below.

Place of wholeness!

How do we go there? We don’t go there, but instead, we let it come to us. How? We sit with ourselves and turn our focus within. And as we do that, we can witness, what my spiritual teacher Shri Bhagavan says, a fish market inside us – where different ‘vendors’ are all shouting vying for our attention. These ‘vendors’ are our different personalities – also our wounded child who’s hurt and silenced time and again for whatever reason.

So when we sit, let this wounded child share its story, let it throw tantrums, let it shout, cry, scream and say whatever it wants to in that given moment and we just listen and listen without judgement of any kind. And there will come a moment when, having had enough ‘air time’, the child will feel satisfied and so we will be at peace with that piece (personality) of ourself. Like this, once we have given enough time to all different ‘vendors’ and different ‘issues’ our child have, they won’t ‘bother’ us again. We may get thoughts related to those issues, however those thoughts will not carry a charge and we will be able to witness them like clouds floating in the sky! And so, in essence, we’ve made peace with our self.

It’s all about reconciliation – being honest with what we feel inside, acknowledge and accept our entire self. Not shoo it away or bury it under the proverbial carpet. By ‘entire self’, I mean the things that we like about ourselves and also those that we don’t (as much!)

To me, Peace and Oneness are two sides of the same coin, but also that Peace is a precursor to Oneness. This is how, I reckon, it flows: we acknowledge and accept all aspects of our self -> we come to terms with our self -> we are at peace -> we have integrated all aspects of our self and now we have become whole, one, a single unit  -> oneness with self (expands into) -> oneness with fellow humans and other beings, which, ultimately leads to -> oneness with Source \ God \ Creator.

And as we do this, we affect others around us in our sphere of influence, who take it further, until the circle widens to encompass the whole world. And there you go, we indeed have a Peaceful world!


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